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AA Electronics started in 2015 from Andrea's passion in electronics. At the beginning, there was only a soldering iron and point to point turret boards. Realising how tricky it is to get consistent results using turrets and eyelets, he started experimenting with PCB designs. In 2021, AA Electronics was founded, striving to provide the highest quality, most supported PCBs in the market for DIY tube amplifiers. 

With the PCBs from AA Electronics you can build your own clone of the most famous amplifiers in history. From the early days of the tweed combos to modern LA style beasts, AA Electronics has the board for you!

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My name is Andrea and I was born in Venice, Italy. My background is in aerospace engineering and I have a PhD in robotics from the University of Padova and MIT Boston. I have a passion for automation and I work in London for a robotics company. In my spare time, I design amp circuits and PCB boards. I always strive for perfection and quality, in everything I do. 

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