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This page contains a collection of amps built with my PCB boards. The page also includes several testimonials from past and current customers, who have built clones of Dumble ODS, Fender and Brown-Eye style amps.

Ross, USA


Finished Princeton ReverbRoss (USA)
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"I've always wanted to build a PR because I think the PR is a beautiful sounding circuit. And of course, Fender only intended/designed it as a student amp. Fortunately for me (and for ppl digging guitar sounds), they took the old 1955 PI from the now discontinued Tweed series and incorporated it into the PR, but then they also (a miracle?) adding reverb and power tube-based bias tremolo (!!!) These three items  are, of course, a Gold Mine of Tone features; a great circuit lacking only a better power supply and a better speaker. This is why I purchased your Princeton Reverb board, Andrea, if you ever wondered. Your design work actually captivated me when I first looked at it. True. Even without having heard an amp made from any of your boards. And this is when I started asking you to create a PR board. I just knew that your work would not disappoint the circuit. And It hasn't. :)"

Friedman Dumble Fender PCB AA Electronics PCB London

Mr. Saul Corral

California, USA

Mr. Franco Mezzalira

Treviso, Italy

Finito due.jpg

Mr. Russ Kruse

Florida, USA

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